Bob Dylan and Dickey Betts (Page 208)




A classic photo of Bob Dylan and Dickey Betts. This image was taken in Cleveland, Ohio at the opening ceremony for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in September, 1995. I was sitting at a table talking to Dickey in a backstage area, when Bob Dylan sat down across from me to speak with Dickey, whose musicianship he’d admired for years. Being the photographer that I am, and seeing the opportunity directly in front of me, I immediately took the picture. Well, you’d have thought I had poured muriatic acid onto Dylan. Little did I realize his complete disdain for photographers shooting him without permission. Even after Dickey assured him that I was okay, I felt obliged to leave the table as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, I did end up with a classic and iconic image of the two.  (page 208)

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